Designed by Aleksandr Semochkin | Released under CC BY-SA 4.0


The case of the Artificial Muscle Twister is 3D printed. All models in one archive file you can download here (4570Kb). The next tables lists the components required to assemble the device.

3D Model Pcs 3D Model Pcs
L.Part-1.stl 1 R.Part-1.stl 1
R.Part-2.stl 1 M.Part-1.stl 1
SM1-Holder.stl 1 SM2-Holder.stl 1
SM3-Holder.stl 1 SM4-Holder.stl 1
LCDFace.stl 1 LCDMount-1.stl 1
LCDMount-2.stl 1 Nozzle.stl 1
PowerMount.stl 1 RAMPS-Holder.stl 1
Slider.stl 1 Cap.stl 2
MuscleHolder.stl 1 Ruler.stl 1
CoilingAdapter.stl 1


Components Pcs
Socket Button Screws A2 Stainless Steel M8 x 20mm 1
M8 Nuts 17
Fully Threaded Stud M8 x 44mm 1
Fully Threaded Stud M8 x 25mm 2
Fully Threaded Stud M8 x 38mm 3
Standard Chrom Linear Optical Axis 8mm x 35mm 2
8MM LM8UU linear motion ball bearing 2
SC8UU 8mm Aluminum Linear Motion Ball Bearing Slide Bushing For CNC 1
5mm Aluminum Timing Pulley For 3D Printer
This is an 20 tooth timing pulley with a center diameter of 5mm (0.2")

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